SCA R&D Centre

The SCA R&D Centre supports SCA's operations, product renewal and drives innovations to create future business.

Our expertise includes the entire value chain, from raw materials to final products. Our labs are well equipped with pilot machines and high-tech measuring instruments for both chemical and mechanical testing. We also have completely unique meeting rooms that have been specially developed so that we can carry out creative innovation races together with, among other things, SCA's customers.

We also coordinate the company's external research and development collaborations, and our experienced researchers and specialists work closely with external partners worldwide.

A unique process for quickly developing new solutions, or for solving problems. Multi-functional groups that focus on the same challenge or problem.

Development of paper products to follow market needs

  • Optimization of raw material, fiber mixtures and chemical additives
  • New uses for our green by-products
  • Environmentally friendly impregnation methods
  • Environmental monitoring
  • LCA on our products

Travel to SCA R&D Centre

R&D Centre and SCAs operations

SCA R&D Centres research and development work is in close cooperation with SCAs operations.