Make a box that survives longer to save the product

If the box doesn’t survive, neither will its contents. When boxes are made with SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength the durability, strength and stack-life increases. This makes them an excellent choice for long-lasting transportation of delicate goods, through difficult conditions – such as cyclical climate zones.

Tomorrow might be stuck in a freezer. Or coming out of it.


Tomorrow might be hot and humid.


Tomorrow might be a hard journey carrying cargo you can’t afford to waste.


Tomorrow might be doing it all again. And again, day after day.


Minimizing food and product waste to save the environment

Food that goes to waste is expensive for a number of reasons. There’s the value of the goods themselves to consider, as well as the environmental impact of producing and transporting replacement goods. This is why it’s a good idea to use SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength: an alternative that survives longer, letting products reach their destination without waste.

Optimize packaging to minimize cost and environmental impact

Use too little packaging, and you risk damaging the goods inside, increasing the overall impact on the environment. SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength allows you to find the sweet spot – ensuring minimum product loss with a minimum amount of packaging

SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength for food packaging


  • Approved for direct contact with dry, non-fatty food as well as foodstuffs that are shelled, peeled or washed before consumption in 250, 420 and 440 g/m²

  • 40 years of experience

  • Now also approved for wet- and fatty foodstuff in substance 250 g/m²

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Your box may be exposed to hot, dry or humid climates. It can be put on long journeys or stucked in a freezer for long time storage. Whatever tomorrow brings SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength survives longer.

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