Our businesses

SCA is organized in five business areas: Forest, Wood, Containerboard, Pulp and Renewable Energy. The supporting unit is Sourcing & Logistics.

The core of SCA's business is the forest, 2.7 million hectares in northern Sweden and the Baltic region. Around this unique resource, we have built a well-developed value chain based on renewable raw material from our own and others' forests.

Organization 2021

Business Area Forest

SCA's business area Forest manage SCA's forest holdings of 2.7 million hectares in northern Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our forestry operation is responsible for silviculture, fellings and other forestry management in order to supply our sawmills and industries with raw material.

Business area Wood

We manufacture solid wood products for the home improvement & building materials sectors and also for the wood industry. Our products, made of high quality raw materials from northern Sweden, are manufactured in Sweden and are used all over the world.

Tunadal sawmill

Bollsta sawmill

Munksund sawmill

Rundvik sawmill

Gällö sawmill

Wood Scandinavia

Our sawmills

Business area Containerboard

SCA operates two paper mills that manufacture kraftliner. The forest is transformed into strong kraftliner that meet the customers’ specific and high demands on quality, sustainability and performance.

Business area Pulp

Pulp includes Östrand Pulp Mill, which produces NBSK pulp. The mill now has a leading position in terms of quality, cost efficiency and environment. The CTMP capacity is extended in a new facility at Ortviken industrial site.

Ortviken Industrial site

Business area Renewable Energy

Windpower is projected and generated on SCAs land. Residual products from the forest and our industries are utilized for bioenergy such as solid biofuels, pellets, liquid biofuels and biochemicals.

Supporting Units

SCA Sourcing & Logistics makes large-scale industrial procurement in Indirect materials and services, technical maintenance, production materials and recycled fibre as well as providing logistic services. SCA R&D Centre support ongoing operations, product renewal and drive innovations to create future business opportunities. The organization includes specialist competence that ensures excellence in key areas.

SCA Maintenance

Other units