Discovering the gems in our forests

This map shows SCA’s land holdings in Sweden, including our voluntarily set aside forest and Conservation Parks.

In the set-asides, we show forest age, the main tree species and the most common type of ground vegetation. The areas include forests that are managed with adapted methods to improve conditions for biodiversity and the also SCA’s five conservation parks.

Welcome to our forests! Use this map to discover your own gems in the countryside.


Preserving the forest’s biodiversity in terms of flora and fauna is the single most important sustainability goal in our forestry management. We have taken inventory of our forests to identify the forests with the highest conservation values that are most important for sensitive animals and plants. These forests are then exempted from forestry operations in our ecological landscape plans.

Other forests are managed using combined goals. Special consideration is taken here to improve conditions for flora and fauna. We burn forest for animals and plants that need burnt wood or burnt land. We promote broad-leaved forest for species that require such conditions. Where appropriate, forest is managed using continuous cover methods.

In total, more than 200,000 hectares of forest are exempt from standard forestry management or are managed using combined goals that aim to provide the best possible conditions for biodiversity.

Nature conservation is also given a key role in the forests we manage for timber. For example, one in five trees in our forests are left to live, die a natural death and provide living space for all of the forest’s species.

We set-aside new forest areas on the basis of continuous inventories, which means the map will change over time. Areas with lower conservation values may, for example, be replaced by those with higher values.

Prioritization of measurements

Under "Landscape ecological planning" you can read more about how we work with our forest holdings from a landscape perspective and over the long term. There we describe the work with, for example, conservation landscapes to benefit and develop biological diversity and be able to deploy the right measures in the right place.

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