SCA Star is our chemical thermomechanicalpulp, CTMP, brand produced from spruce, birch, aspen and pine, and comprises five main grades; SCA Star, SCA Star Birch, SCA Star Birch+, SCA Star Aspen, and SCA Star Fluff.

SCA Star is world leading in bulk with a strong environmental profile and the grades are manufactured with varying brightness levels. Our own developed HT technology provides opportunities to produce pulp qualities with several unique properties. Quality is a key word throughout the value chain, from the choice of suitable wood raw material to the preparation of the finished pulp. The pulp is delivered flash dried. An appreciated advantage of the flash-dried bales is that they can be delivered without bale wires. The metal wire is then replaced with a water-soluble adhesive which facilitates the handling of bales before dissolution.

SCA Star is a custom-tailored pulp with unique bulk that provides high bending stiffness in packaging and improved absorption in tissue products. It is the leading alternative for customers with high environmental demands requiring eco labels such as the Nordic Swan or FSC certification. Star has unique product properties, for both softwood and hardwood pulps, as a result of our patented HT technology.

SCA Star in brief

• Superior bulk

• Excellent uniformity and purity

• Tailor-made for end products

Exceptional bulk properties

All liquid packaging products are normally multiply designs in which SCA Star comprises the middle ply to increase bulk and firmness – normally the amount of Star in liquid packaging can be up to 35%. To prevent liquid seeping into the packaging, gluing chemicals are used in all pulp layers. For the gluing chemicals to function correctly, it is essential that our Star product is clean with very low resin content.

Packaging board is a product that is manufactured in many different ways and from several different pulp types. Star is used primarily in the type of packaging board also known as folding boxboard (FBB). The requirements for FBB differ from liquid packaging as demands on product safety and insusceptibility to moisture are less stringent, since the packaged product is often not in direct contact with the content. However, firmness is very important and requirements for excellent formation and printability are more important within this segment.

SCA Star is used in FBB in a similar manner to the manufacture of liquid packaging. Firmness and bulk are the most important properties, the difference being that excellent formation and shorter fiber lengths are more important to customers. Star, Star Birch and Star from contorta are used in these types of products.

Offers superb volume and absorption

One of the largest product areas for SCA Star is tissue. The demand for raw material for tissue depends entirely on the type of end product to be manufactured. We have refined Star and developed customized products aimed at the tissue segment. Star from spruce, contorta and birch have proven to be well suited for tissue manufacturing. Star Birch is distinguished by its properties of high brightness and lower age yellowing compared with Star from spruce or contorta. The short fiber length in Star Birch can also contribute to better formation and greater softness. Star is highly suitable for a series of different special applications. Some areas in which high bulk is appropriate are filter paper, insulation and other types of products where airy products are to be manufactured.

A unique product with a strong environmental profile

The combination of TCF and FSC, with the continuously improving environmental work, has given us a strong position among CTMP producers with the least environmental impact.

We continuously strive to reduce our impact on the environment and economize our resources by developing and improving the production process. Significant investments have been made to minimize the mill's impact on the external environment. These include a new soda recovery boiler and turbine, which reduce air emissions and make us self-sufficient in terms of green electricity, a new biological wastewater treatment plant that reduces the amount of water discharged and a modern Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) bleach plant with low water consumption, the only one to be built and dimensioned solely for TCF bleaching. Additional investments have been made in logistics, including in railroad tracks and a new dock, which also aim to reduce our impact on the environment.