The world's largest machine for packaging paper

The world's largest machine for packaging paper

SCA has built a new paper machine for the production of kraftliner at the Obbola paper mill in Umeå. The annual production will increase from the current 450,000 to 725,000 tonnes to meet the growing demand for renewable packaging.

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Project milestones in pictures 2019-2023

Progress with the new paper machine and a view of the Obbola mill area

The Obbola paper mill, December 2021

Expansion Obbola - The construction of the machine hall 2019 - 2021

The Obbola paper mill, October 14, 2020

Obbola expands for the future

Did you know that

  • 7.5billion SEK

    Has been invested in the new paper machine
  • 275ktonnes

    So much increases the capacity
  • 20,000tonnes

    Will emissions be reduced
  • 1,000,000SEK

    Are we investing in environmental improvements

What does the expansion of the Obbola paper mill mean?

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