SCA's sponsorship

We sponsor roughly 200 associations in our operating areas. This is one way of contributing toward meaningful leisure activities for children and young people and a richer life for people who live in the region.

Sustainability and a long-term approach pervade all of SCA’s operations and this is also true of our choice of business partners and sponsorship commitments. We want our sponsorship to promote sustainable social development in the areas where we operate.
Through partnerships with various local clubs and associations, we can contribute to vibrant local communities, where people thrive and have rewarding leisure activities. We support associations in sports, outdoor recreation and culture.

As a general rule, we mainly sponsor activities for children and young people, though elite activities are also valuable as they create attraction. A large share of our employees, and many other people who live in the region, enjoy watching high-level sport. Elite sport also creates role models and motivates our young people, so we can convince more to exercise and discover the joy of physical activity.

Our sponsorship must always strengthen SCA’s brand. It should contribute to increase our employees’ involvement and pride, and assist us in attracting skilled employees and in conducting good business. We sponsor activities and non-profit organizations where we have our operations, from southern Norrland and northwards.

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