Our values

We always strive to work towards increased sustainability, quality and for the environment.


SCA Logistics shall deliver the cargo to the right address, with the right amount, at the agreed time and in damage free condition. We shall always strive to act in a proactive way to reduce impact of any disturbances or obstacles in the supply chain.
We shall work to predict the future needs of our customers and propose solutions.


SCA Logistics is continuously working to improve the company's environmental performance, while developing our business in a socially and economically sustainable way. We want our services to be characterized as very reliable.


SCA Logistics shall conduct its operations in an environmentally responsible manner. Environmental measures are to be ecologically sensible, technically possible and financially justifiable.

This means that SCA Logistics:

  • Makes environmental demands on its suppliers and systematically evaluates their environmental performance.
  • Co-operates with suppliers and customers to identify solutions that reduce the environmental impact of transports.
  • Promotes energy efficient transports and transport providers who employ environmentally sound technologies.
  • Works to prevent pollution of air, land and water.
  • Complies with laws, ordinances and other regulations that are applicable to the company.
  • Works with continuous improvements to fulfill adopted environmental targets.