• New SCA Wood Magazine focuses on sustainability and wood

    Today we are launching the brand new SCA Wood Magazine! This magazine focuses on sustainability and wood. It contains fascinating stories from all over the world and interviews with amazing people. All content is strongly connected to the material of the future: wood.

  • New edition of Timber News

    In the new issue of Timber News you can, among other things, read about how using timber will cut the carbon footprint for the Paris Olympics in 2024 as well as how architecture students create oases of calm in the nature.

  • Heartwood Pine - the sustainable choice in the home

    Heart pine is a sustainable product which, owing to its natural wood preservation, does not require any treatment. This is a product that is being seen more and more in people’s homes and is arousing interest among architects around Sweden.

  • Electric forklifts - does good for both the environment and drivers

    For a few weeks the employees at SCAs sawmill in Tunadal just outside of Sundsvall, Sweden, are testing an electric forklift. There are many advantages of electric forklifts, among other things, they are quieter, which benefits both the driver and the surroundings.

  • Innovation Race generates new ideas

    SCA Wood is continually working on increasing its understanding of customer needs for new innovations and strengthening its market position.