• New edition of Timber News

    In the new issue of Timber News you can, among other things, read about how our solutions for the industry provide both greater customer value and competitiveness.

  • SCA Wood teach the teachers on timber production

    During September SCA Wood hosted a group of university lecturers at their large-scale operations in northern Sweden. The visit, which was arranged in conjunction with the EATTA as part of it’s “Who teaches the teachers” programme, was aimed at updating lecturers’ knowledge on timber production methods.

  • At the heart of the European timber trade

    Vandecasteele Houtimport is a unique timber company. Founded in 1883 in Belgium and run by five generations of the Vandecasteele family, it’s a modern and expanding business, with a long-term commitment to servicing the European timber trade.

  • Half of the vacation employees are women at the sawmill in Munksund

    This week, several newspapers in Sweden have reported that Munksund's sawmill has been working actively to bring more women into the business. This year, 50 percent of the vacation employees are women.

  • Architecture + Nature + Wood = True

    ARKNAT, a two week long architectural festival in the High Coast of Sweden, has just finished. At the festival architectural students have created spectacular shelters in wood that harmonizes with nature. SCA is a proud sponsor of wood for the creations.