• Innovation Race generates new ideas

    SCA Wood is continually working on increasing its understanding of customer needs for new innovations and strengthening its market position.

  • Swedish pine delivered to the world's longest bridge

    Pine from the northern parts of Sweden has been used at the world's longest bridge over water. The 55-kilometer-long bridge, which crosses both under and over water, connects Hong Kong, Macau and China. SCA has in the collaboration with Martinsons delivered 300 m3 of pine which has been used as decking at two lookout points.

  • New edition of Timber News

    In the new issue of Timber News you can, among other things, read about cooperation for greater customer value as well as innovation race for new products.

  • Finished components provide greater customer value

    In Sweden, the wood-based packaging industry is the single largest user of sawn solid-wood products. Now that SCA Tunadal can supply precision-cut components direct to customers, this frees up capacity at the sawmill while also reducing waste and increasing value.

  • Bollsta sawmill winner of Gender Equality Prize

    SCA's sawmill in Bollsta won the Gender Equality Prize 2018 at an award on Friday. The prize celebrates a company in the municipality of Kramfors, Sweden, who has actively worked with gender equality during the past year.