Expansion Obbola winner in the category ‘Construction of the Year’

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The award-winning project has equipped the industry in Västerbotten with the world’s largest machine for kraftliner and significantly increasing its capacity to produce environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Per Strand, Project Director for Expansion Obbola, received the award from Byggindustrin (the Construction Industry) and noted that the collaboration with contractors, including the main contractor Peab, worked very well.

“We take great pride in a well-executed team effort, especially considering the many complex challenges we faced. In this project, we completed an entirely new machine hall while simultaneously maintaining production in the existing one. Now we have a state-of-the-art and modern industrial facility, and it’s gratifying to see it recognized,” says Per Strand.

Karin Ovemar, Mill Manager in Obbola, highlights several positive aspects of the award-winning mill:

“Firstly, it’s a more efficient facility with increased capacity, which strengthens Västerbotten’s competitiveness. This benefits our company and the forest owners in the region. But there are other significant advantages worth mentioning,” says Karin Ovemar.

“It’s a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly industry. We can reuse large volumes of recycled fibers, approximately 1,700 tons per day. The project has also contributed to our goal of fossil-free processes. Additionally, it has significantly improved the working environment, making us an attractive workplace,” adds Karin Ovemar.

The jury’s motivation for the award: In a large-scale industrial project with substantial climate benefits, both the client and the contractor fully committed to culture, leadership, and safety. Despite challenges such as contested building permits and complex progress with a large workforce, they successfully completed the project on time. The winner in the Industrial, Logistics, and Retail category is the expansion of SCA’s mill in Obbola.