SCA Obbola produces packaging paper for consumer and transport packaging, largely based on fresh wood fibre.

SCA has been present in Obbola for more than 100 years. Initially, only kraft pulp was produced and in 1975, the world's broadest paper machine was inaugurated.

We are very proud of our modern plant, which, after considerable investment, now has a completely new pulp mill. We have commenced an environmental assessment of a potential investment in a new paper machine, whereby we are investigating a production increase from the current 450,000 tons of kraftliner per year to 850,000 tons of kraftliner per year.

We call our product Kraftliner, which is a robust, unbleached paper that comprises the surface layer of corrugated board.

The expansion of Obbola paper mill

Press release about the expansion of Obbola Paper Mill, September 2nd, 2019

Questions and answers about the expansion of Obbola Paper Mill

Production and capacity

  • 450 000 tonnes kraftliner
  • 300 employees

Out of spruce and pine from sustainably managed forests in Northern Sweden, we produce kraft pulp, the most important raw material for our products. In addition, we also use carefully selected, high-quality recovered paper and biofuel in the process.

Sustainable production

Access to long and strong Nordic fresh fiber enables products of high quality and environmental performance. The products' carbon footprint has declined 30% over a ten-year period.

We have certified management systems for occupational health and safety, the external environment, energy and quality, and are also FSC® and PEFC™ certified. We use biofuel instead of oil and about half of the electricity we use, we generate ourselves.

Security and safety

Here you will find important information from Munksund paper mill. Read the information on these pages so you know what to do if an accident occurs!

Safety and security

In the event of an accident
Information to neighbours of the mill
Information to neighbours of the mill

For you as a contractor

We want everyone who works here or visits us to feel safe at Obbola. One of the conditions for succeeding in this endeavour is that you follow the applicable safety rules and use the prescribed safety equipment.

For you as a contractor

General safety rules
Health and safety information
Health and safety information