SCA’s innovation process is deeply embedded in the Group’s strategy and business model. Innovation activities are based on market trends, customer and consumer insight, new technology and new business models. Sustainability aspects and product safety are incorporated throughout the process.

R&D Centers seminarium, november 2018.

R&D Centre

Innovation activities are conducted within each business area and at a central level. Our central research unit, SCA R&D Centre, focuses on the business areas' strategic direction and on new technologies and concepts. In addition to internal work, SCA also conducts development and innovation through strategic collaboration with external partners.

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Research and Development

With a well-developed innovation methodology and close contact with customers, SCA is driving dedicated innovation work to address today's challenges and to be prepared to address the future with changing markets and new customer requirements. Innovation work creates value in the business by increasing customer value and reduces costs by enhancing efficiency, for example, with regard to how we use raw materials and optimize transportation. This means both lower environmental impact and lower costs.

Innovation helps to improve existing products, satisfy new needs and build our brands. Innovation is also about developing service offerings, where, for example, digitalization involves new and extensive opportunities.

The Forest Business Accelerator

SCA is cooperating with start-ups through the Forest Business Accelerator  (Swedish page)

The Accelerator, which merges forest development with digitalization and entrepreneurship, is a joint venture between SCA, IBM, Processum and the Bizmaker business incubator. The Accelerator program offers selected forest startups tailored business coaching for commercialization and internationalization. We view this venture as an opportunity to build new relationships and to initiate cooperation that contributes toward the renewal of our industry.

Adopted companies for Forest Business Accelerator 2019, the program will begin in mid-May

BioCompost, Sundsvall
Biocompost has developed a cost-effective and automated composting technology that processes organic waste into environmentally friendly soil improvement products.

Calejo Industrial Intelligence, Sundsvall
Calejo Industrial Intelligence has developed a unique AI tool - Calejo Control - with the help of which it is possible to improve efficiency and environmental performance in industrial processes.

Cinis Fertilizer, Lund
Cinis Fertilizer has developed a process for converting ash from the pulp mill's recovery boilers into a high-quality and fossil-free mineral fertilizer for the benefit of sea and watercourses.

PlantVation, Sundsvall
PlantVation offers cultivation techniques adapted to the forest industry. The main product is an automated cultivation system that streamlines and digitizes pre-cultivation of plants.

Prediktera, Umeå
Prediktera offers a new technology for chemical image analysis that enables fast reading of content and quality of large volumes of material in forest production processes.

Contact about Forest Business Accelerator: Magnus Viström, Innovation Manager, SCA, tel: +46 70 377 21 02, e-mail:

Innnovation in our business areas

SCA particiapte in Treesearch

SCA is one of the participating organisations in Treesearch. Treesearch is Sweden’s so far largest investment in creating a collaboration platform for fundamental research, knowledge and competence building in the field of new materials and speciality chemicals from forest raw material. The platform is a collaboration between academia, industry, private foundations.

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Contact at SCA for our participating in Treesearch, Jerker Jäder, R&D Director.

Renewable Energy

Through efficient forest operations, our industrial tradition and technology developed in-house, SCA Renewable Energy is developing biofuels and green chemicals of the future.

This includes SCA's investment of SEK 50m in a pilot facility to manufacture renewable petrol and diesel from black liquor, a by-product from pulp production. The facility is located at SCA's paper mill in Obbola near Umeå.

Innovation within our business areas
Pilotanläggning för produktion av biodrivmedel.


Innovation work at Containerboard focuses on developing sustainable products based on safe, renewable and resource-efficient solutions. SCA Containerboard maintains close customer collaborations in order to develop innovations that help customers to achieve a competitive position. The focus is on accelerating the rate of innovation and the customer's opportunity to gain new market advantages, such as Innovation race, the innovation method developed by SCA.

As the only producer of wet-strength liner in Europe, SCA Containerboard conducts development of new customized liner grades to fulfil identified needs for more durable corrugated board boxes for use in damp environments and cyclical climates (such as the fruit and vegetable segment).

SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength 250

SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength 250 reduces the risk that the corrugated board box collapses and improves the durability of boxes exposed to damp conditions and cyclical climates. This reduces the risk of food waste in the supply chain. The customer may also be able to reduce one step in the production process as waxing/PE lamination of the liner can, in some instances, be avoided.

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Innovation within our business areas


The focus of innovation work at SCA Pulp is in the field of tissue, where the ambition is to be the world-leading pulp supplier with respect to innovation, environment, quality and service.

One important starting point in innovation work is a focus on insights into customer needs and customer cooperation, and this facilitates the development of customized grades.

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Innovation within our business areas
SCA Frontier symbol owl

Publication Papers

Innovation work at Publication Papers aims to strengthen SCA's position as a leading supplier in terms of quality and sustainability.

As the market is undergoing rapid change, the focus is on finding cost-efficient products and services that respond to this change. In recent years, SCA has launched several new products, including GraphoInvent, an uncoated paper with market-leading brightness in its segment, and GraphoStyle, a coated high-bulk specialty paper. Another important element in innovation work targets the continuous development of new customer service concepts.

Publication Paper

Innovation within our business areas


Arcwise® is a revolutionary innovation in corrugated board packaging. For the first time in history, Arcwise® makes it possible to shape corrugated board into a continuous curved form.

The technology enables the design of curved packaging and displays that create attraction in point of sale. The integration of graphic design with rounded shapes open up a new world of innovative design opportunities and a way to strengthen your brand.

The use of curved packaging with the strength of corrugated board is unique. Arcwise technology also entails a significant improvement in environmental and packaging performance. It is possible to achieve material savings of up to 30%.

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Innovation within our business areas
Arcwise produkter
Test av träprodukter av Contorta. Maj 2015.

Wood products

SCA Wood’s innovation work targets the development of wood products for the building materials trade, for professional builders and DIY customers, and products for the wood industry.

Wood products

Innovation within our business areas
Skogsvinge special. Fotografering med helikopter i Medelpad.



SCA Forest's innovation work is aimed at creating efficient and sustainable forestry. A digitalized flow from forest to mill opens for an efficient flow and value-creating service offerings to forest owners.


Innovation within our business areas