Sponsorship and community involvement

Sponsorship is an agreement for mutual benefit between two or more parties.

SCA is an important part of the society in which we operate. Our sponsorship shows that we contribute more than just jobs and economic development. It must also contribute to our employees' commitment and pride, to our ability to attract competent employees and to our ability to do good business. Our sponsorship should always strengthen SCA's brand. SCA sponsors activities and non-profit organizations where we have our operations, from southern Norrland and further north.

Our sponsorship is primarily aimed at:

  • To strengthen SCA's relationship with target groups such as
  • Customers, forest owners and partners
  • Prospective employees
  • The general public in the regions where we operate
  • Improve our opportunities to do good business
  • To strengthen SCA's brand in essential areas and towards broad target groups

In order for sponsorship collaborations to be considered, they must be consistent with SCA's core values, they must have a clear connection to SCA's operations and they must be relevant to SCA's brand. All our sponsorship must comply with laws and regulations and be characterized by transparency.