Profitable growth

Long-term profitable growth is the prerequisite for sustainable development. Target: Leading total shareholder return including dividends.

  1. Increase the forest resource
    SCA wants to grow as a forest owner and enhance growth in its forest assets through active forest management.
  2. Increase growth and harvesting
    Higher growth will enable a gradual increase of 25% in the sustained annual harvesting volume.
  3. Acquire forest land in the Nordic region and the Baltic states
    The acquisition of forest land, particularly in the Baltic states, is continuing.
  4. Invest in the integrated value chain
    SCA is investing to strengthen the integrated value chain and provide favorable returns, in parallel with ensuring that the company maintains a stable balance sheet.
  5. Increase production of pulp, kraftliner and wood
    SCA is pursuing investment projects to increase production, quality and efficiency in all product areas.
  6. Realize business opportunities in renewable energy
    SCA is forming a joint venture with St1 to produce biofuels, at the same time as wind power production on SCA’s land is increasing.
Investment stair

Increased value from each tree

Growing and renewable forest asset