Sustainability governance

The main purpose of all governance at SCA is to guarantee the Group's commitments to all of its stakeholders – customers, shareholders, suppliers, lenders, the community and employees – commitments that are expressed in the company's objectives and strategies.

Sustainability work is an integral part of operations. SCA's President bears the overall responsibility for the governance of SCA's business in the field of sustainability.

SCA has a Group Function in charge of sustainability, led by the Sustainability Director. Sustainability issues are coordinated through the Group's sustainability council. Proposals for sustainability goals are drawn up in close collaboration with the business areas and then approved by Executive Management. Sustainability work is conducted via cross-disciplinary networks to harmonize efforts across the Group and includes areas such as work environment, environmental impact, social responsibility, product security, sustainable supply chain, public affairs and compliance issues. The network reports to the sustainability council. Responsibility for implementation rests with the line organization.

Various bodies at Group level handle issues of compliance. The Group has a compliance council to coordinate and follow-up work within the Group. The council is headed by the Sustainability Director.

Governance structure