Certification and regulation

Certification is a valuable tool for sustainability work. Certification is a measure of how we fulfill demands, and is reviewed by an independent party. We also establish our own targets, which are monitored.

What is SCA’s view of certification schemes, such as FSC or PEFC? In what way are these good definitions of sustainable forestry?

Certification is a valuable tool for sustainability work and confidence in several ways. The actual certification process is inclusive and provides a platform for dialogue between various stakeholders on what constitutes responsible and sustainable forestry. The standard developed through this dialogue then provides a reference and measurable criteria by which forestry meets these requirements through independent and transparent certification. 

How is it ensured that we live up to the requirements imposed on FSC-certified forest?

SCA has the ambition of conducting sustainable and responsible forestry. Certification is a measure of our fulfillment of this ambition, but we also set our own targets and monitor these. Examples of areas in which we set targets and monitor them are consideration for water and avoidance of ground damage, respect for archaeological sites, regeneration quality and remuneration of forest management personnel.

EU regulation

Carbon footprint and GHG intensity