Helena Stjernholm is proposed as the new chairman of SCA

  • Press release

The Nomination Committee of SCA proposes that Helena Stjernholm be elected as chairman and member of the SCA board at the annual general meeting on March 22, 2024. SCA's current chairman, Pär Boman, as previously communicated, has declined re-election. 

Helena Stjernholm is the CEO and group CEO of AB Industrivärden, SCA's largest shareholder. Helena Stjernholm has many years of experience in board work across a wide range of industries, as well as deep knowledge regarding the capital market. 

Due to the Nomination Committee's proposal, Helena Stjernholm has chosen to leave the Nomination Committee. As a new member and chairman of the Nomination Committee, Bengt Kjell of AB Industrivärden has been appointed. 

After the change, the Nomination Committee for the annual general meeting 2024 consists of Bengt Kjell, AB Industrivärden (chairman), Nikolai Schjold, Norges Bank Investment Management, Anders Oscarsson, AMF Insurance & Funds, Mikael Hallåker, Handelsbanken's Pension Foundation, among others, and Pär Boman, chairman of the SCA board. 

Board member Karl Åberg has informed the Nomination Committee that he will decline re-election at the annual general meeting in 2024. 

The Nomination Committee's complete proposal will be published well in advance of the annual general meeting 2024. 

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