SCA closes its last publication paper machine

  • Press release

Thursday February 25, at 7.07 am, SCA closed permanently paper machine LWC4 at Ortviken paper mill. With this, SCA’s all production of publication paper has come to an end.

Publication paper production started at Ortviken in the year 1958 with production of newsprint. Ortviken has grown as a producer of first newsprint and then coated publication paper for magazines and commercial print.

Ortviken has produced up to 800 000 tonnes per annum and was one of the world’s largest mills for publication paper production.

SCA is now investing SEK 1,45 bn at Ortviken in the production of chemically pre-treated thermo-mechanical pulp, CTMP. At the same time the company Renewcell is building a production line for recycling of textile fibre on the site.

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