SCA establishes the Group’s sustainability targets

  • Press release

Sustainability is integrated in every part of SCA’s operations. In order to make long term priorities and to ensure sustainable development, SCA has established corporate objectives to be met by 2030.

“We want to set long-term goals that challenge us and guide our priorities,” says CEO Ulf Larsson. “And, not least, we want to play a bigger role in combating climate change.”

SCA strive to increase the company’s contribution to a fossil free world and has set a long term corporate target to increase the company’s climate benefit from 10 to 15 million tonnes of CO2 per annum by 2030.

All things considered, SCA’s impact on the climate is positive and significant, corresponding to the combined emissions from all passenger cars in Sweden. The ambition is that this climate benefit shall increase further.

“We are striving for a positive climate effect in all parts of our value chain,” says Ulf Larsson. “We manage our forests to promote healthy growth and we are investing to add more forest. We are actively working to reduce fossil carbon emissions across all parts of our operations. And we are producing more and more products based on renewable raw materials and with a small carbon footprint.”

Other Group targets include checks that all wood raw material is sourced from responsibly managed forests, that resource use is as efficient as possible and that the company is a healthy and accident-free workplace.

SCA is holding a digital capital markets day on December 3, during which the company’s plans for profitable growth and sustainable development are further presented. For more information, please visit

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