So large is the contribution from the forest sector in combatting climate change

  • Press release

At a seminar in Stockholm February 25, SCA will for the first time present figures of the total climate effects of the company’s operations.

“Our growing forests, as well as our products, brings substantial contributions to the work with combatting climate change”, says Ulf Larsson, CEO and President of SCA, who will participate in the seminar.

Lena Ek, Chairman of the Board of Södra, and Johan Kuylenstierna, Associated Professor of the Stockholm University, will also take part in the seminar.

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The core of SCA’s business is the forest, Europe’s largest private forest holding. Around this unique resource, we have built a well-developed value chain based on renewable raw material from our own and others’ forests. We offer paper for packaging and print, pulp, wood products, renewable energy, services for forest owners and efficient transport solutions.
In 2017, the forest products company SCA had approximately 4,000 employees and sales amounted to approximately SEK 16.7bn (EUR 1.6bn). SCA was founded in 1929 and has its headquarters in Sundsvall, Sweden. More information at