SCA comments on reports in Swedish media regarding the joint venture Productos Familia S.A.

  • Regulatory press release

The Colombian competition authority is conducting an anti-trust inquiry that includes the company Productos Familia S.A. The company is listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange. SCA owns 50% of Productos Familia S.A.

“Free and undistorted competition is an important cornerstone in every society and for every business operation. We take a very serious view of all cases in which our business is called into question. In this particular area, SCA has a comprehensive, ongoing program for training employees and ensuring adherence to competition rules,” says Kersti Strandqvist, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, SCA.

SCA conducts operations in more than 100 countries and, in many cases, holds leading market positions. It is natural that SCA, similar to other major international companies, is the subject of investigations by such institutions as competition authorities in various contexts and for various reasons.

At present, competition authorities are reviewing the joint venture Familia’s operations in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, as well as SCA’s wholly owned businesses in Chile, Spain, Poland and Hungary. In all instances, SCA and/or joint ventures is/are cooperating with the authorities and providing the requested information. SCA has assessed that the ongoing inquiries will not have a material financial impact.

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