New report: Hygiene crucial for women’s wellbeing

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A majority of women in both emerging and more mature markets view wellbeing as the most important dimension of personal hygiene, even more so than staying healthy. This finding is a main conclusion of the 2011 Hygiene Matters Report – an annual hygiene study commissioned by SCA.

SCA’s 2011 Hygiene Matters Report reveals that the most important dimension of personal hygiene is ‘wellbeing’; 59 percent of women choose the wellbeing dimension as the most important aspect.

“SCA wants to raise the awareness of the connection between hygiene, health and wellbeing around the world. We believe that no one, no matter who they are or where they live, should have to suffer, physically or mentally due to insufficient hygiene,” says Jan Johansson, President and CEO of SCA.

Furthermore, the 2011 Report shows that access to personal hygiene products is essential for women’s sense of dignity, identity and self-confidence. For instance, 56 percent of women feel that menstruation makes them feel uncomfortable in social situations. For the individual countries the figure is ranging from 28 to 87 percent.

“We do not think that a natural, bodily cycle as menstruation, or incontinence, should impact women’s freedom to participate fully in society. But it still does, unfortunately. Our Report shows that women’s needs and aspirations, when it comes to personal hygiene for themselves and their families, are strikingly similar across the world,” says Kersti Strandqvist, SCA’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Sustainability.

Through the series of Hygiene Matters Reports, SCA aims to raise awareness among decision makers, experts and the general public of the connection between hygiene, health and wellbeing. SCA also wants to contribute to a more knowledge-based public debate that strengthens the possibility of improved general hygiene.

The survey was conducted together with United Minds in nine countries: Australia, China, France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. Read more about the Hygiene Matters Report:

Stockholm, Sweden, 8 March 2011 

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