SCA upgrading energy plant at liner mill in Aschaffenburg, Germany

  • Regulatory press release

New, more stringent emissions standards and a possibility to ensure the mill’s energy supply at a significantly lower level than today’s are the reasons behind SCA’s decision to invest SEK 635m in Aschaffenburg, which is SCA’s most modern and efficient liner mill.

The mill in Aschaffenburg, with a machine park from 1991, has a capacity of 350,000 tons. More stringent emissions standards, with additional limitations on the amount of nitrous contaminants (NOx), require that the facility must be adapted.

In conjunction with these adaptations, two gas-fired steam boilers will be installed. As a result, the mill gains a maximum distribution between electricity and steam production, with high energy output. It will be possible to increase capacity to 400,000 tons, with a positive annual effect on profit of about SEK 100m. This portion of the investment has a payback period of three years.

The total investment will amount to SEK 635m and will be fully implemented in 2011.

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