Double honours for SCA in Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

  • Regulatory press release

SCA has once again been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, both in Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Index and Dow Jones Sustainability WORLD Index, which are two of the world’s most prestigious sustainability indexes. SCA is one of only four Swedish companies listed in the two indexes.

Some of the issues that SCA received outstanding scores on are brand management, environmental management systems and human capital development. Patrik Isaksson, SCA’s Vice President for Environmental Affairs, says: “It is, of course, encouraging that SCA has been recognised internationally for its broad commitment to promote long-term, sustainable development. Our sustainability work comprises an essential building block of our global operations, and it represents an important part of our strategies for growth, brand building and value creation.” The companies included in the various Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes are assessed according to certain economic, environmental and social parameters. More information is available at For further information, please contact Jörgen Olsson, Press and Media Officer, +46-8-7885129