SCA sets a new environmental goal

  • Regulatory press release

In an effort to even further strengthen its grip on the climate issue and reduce the Group’s carbon-dioxide emissions, SCA has decided on a new environmental goal.

The new environmental goal, which is an important element of SCA’s long-term climate efforts, means that:

SCA will reduce its carbon-dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and from the purchase of electricity and heating in relation to the production level by 20% by the year 2020, with 2005 as a reference year.

The new goal is a logical progression of the work for a continuous reduction of carbon-dioxide emissions from fossil fuels in relation to the production level on which SCA decided in 2001.

”SCA’s new environmental goal is specific, measurable, on a deadline and clearly reflects the EU’s climate ambitions concerning emissions targets,” says Patrik Isaksson, Vice President Environmental Affairs at SCA.

SCA will focus on a number of different projects with the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of energy use and increasing the relative use of renewable energy until 2020. An important example of this is the investment in wind power being made together with Statkraft, which will generate 2,800 GWh annually from a total of seven wind farms when completed. SCA will also, wherever possible, replace the use of fossil fuels with biofuels or production waste.

Brief facts regarding SCA and the environment:
- SCA’s forests have an annual growth that exceeds felling and leads to a net absorption of carbon-dioxide, corresponding to 2.6 million tons.
- SCA is a large consumer and producer of bio-fuels with only 1% of its fuel balance consisting of coal and 5% of oil.
- SCA ranked fifth among companies with the best reporting standards in the Nordic survey of the Carbon Disclosure Project’s annual survey regarding the handling of climate issues and reporting of emissions by the world’s largest companies.
- SCA is included in NASDAQ OMX Nordic’s Sustainability Index, which includes the Nordic region’s 50 leading companies in terms of sustainability.

Stockholm, 10 December 2008

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