SCA’s sustainability report gets WWF top ranking

  • Regulatory press release

Patrik Isaksson, Director of Environmental Affairs at SCA, comments “This really is a priority area for SCA and one we have been working on for many years. The report reflects how we work with environmental issues and social responsibility and is also an important indicator of our willingness to provide clarity and transparency in this area.”

One of the criteria where SCA stood out most clearly from the other companies in the survey is reporting of environmental data by individual production unit. More than 100 of SCA’s production units in some 40 countries submit their environmental data.

Patrik Isaksson points out that there is always room for further improvements and that the sustainability report is an important tool for keeping these areas in constant focus. He also emphasizes the importance of independent organizations such as WWF making regular assessments.

WWF has developed a scoring system with environmental parameters to standardize the information and make it easily accessible. Within its Forest Products operations, SCA has applied WWF’s system on its paper products and will make the results available to its customers.

Stockholm, 7 December 2007

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