SCA helps flood victims in Mexico

  • Regulatory press release

Devastating floods have affected about one million people in the state of Tabasco in south-eastern Mexico. SCA, which has operations in the region, has carried out fund-raising activities and donated baby diapers and personal care products to help those in need.

People have lost their homes, many of them have been evacuated and there are major shortages of water, food and other basic necessities.

The floods have also affected SCA’s distribution center in the area with 27 employees and given this local connection it was natural for SCA to act and assist with this situation which has also affected many of the company’s own employees.

According to the head of SCA Mexico, Jaime Costa, all SCA employees have been located and are as well as can be expected under the circumstances, but several of them have lost their homes and belongings.

In addition to raising funds for the victims, SCA has sent medical expertise to the affected area to handle disease and carry out vaccinations. Four trailers have been sent with personal care products, medicines, boots, and other supplies.

“We are witnessing many personal tragedies,” says Jaime Costa. “As far as SCA is concerned we are naturally making our resources available both to our colleagues and to the local community.”

Stockholm, 10 November 2007

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