Birgitta Svensson awarded 2007 Alf de Ruvo scholarship

  • Regulatory press release

The Alf de Ruvo Memorial Foundation has decided to award the 2007 scholarship to Birgitta Svensson for her doctoral studies within the field of chemical engineering specializing in mechanical fibre technology.

In her doctoral studies Birgitta Svensson, a researcher at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, performed tests that contribute to increased knowledge of what happens to fibre material when refining mechanical paper pulp. This knowledge can make it possible to create better models for the development of future refiners.

These measurements are unique since no one has previously been able to test under the extreme conditions that exist in a refiner where wood is beaten into pulp in a powerful process. The data obtained by Birgitta Svensson provides new, important input for theoretical models and new knowledge of the importance of process-related conditions during the refining process.

Birgitta Svensson also photographed the process. By combining the results from measurements of friction and compression properties, she has created a unique opportunity to describe what happens to the material during the refining process.

The scholarship, which amounts to SEK 500,000, will be awarded at a ceremony on 29 January 2008 in conjunction with the Swedish Pulp and Paper Industry’s Ekman Days in Stockholm.

Alf de Ruvo (1938-2000) was well-known and highly respected in the forest and paper industry. He held leading positions for many years including Executive Vice President of SCA. Alf de Ruvo was also chairman of the Forest Products Industry Research College at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden. He conducted broad research within wood-fibre based materials and contributed to the development of world-class paper engineering research. In packaging, his work included the mechanical properties of packaging and their significance at conversion and end-use.

The Alf de Ruvo Memorial Foundation was formed in 2000 from funds donated in memory of Alf de Ruvo. The purpose of the Foundation is to support forest industry education and research activities that promote technical and scientific progress within the industry.

The Board of the Foundation, deciding on the scholarship, comprises Professor Tom Lindström, KTH/STFI-Packforsk, Anders Nyberg, Senior Vice President, SCA, Ingemar Croon, consultant and researcher within the forest industry and a research council with Professor Gunilla Jönsson, Principal of the Technical University of Lund, Professor Gunnar Svedberg, CEO STFI-Packforsk, Professor Myat Htun, Mid Sweden University and Christer Söremark, consultant and researcher within the forest industry.

Scholarships have previously been awarded to Matti Ristinmaa (2001), Magnus Berggren (2002), Magnus Norgren (2004) and Johan Alfthan (2006).

Stockholm, 14 December 2007

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