SCA sponsoring Amnesty

  • Regulatory press release

SCA sponsoring Amnesty "Power of the word" unites Amnesty and SCA in the Radio Relief autumn fund- raising campaign for the benefit of human rights Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA has begun a major joint venture with Amnesty. "SCA is a part of the society and Amnesty is one of the world's most respected organizations," says Sten Lindholm, SCA's Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications. "The connection between Amnesty and SCA is a natural one since paper has always been a vital carrier of free speech. Moreover, Amnesty is a large consumer of paper. SCA is therefore proud to cooperate with and support Amnesty in its program to promote freedom of speech and other human rights." Radio Relief's autumn 1998 fund-raising campaign for the benefit of Amnesty International's aid activities begins on Sunday, 20 September. The main sponsor for the fund-raising is the Swedish paper company SCA. The aim of the campaign is to increase awareness about human rights and to raise money which through the Amnesty Fund will be donated to prisoners of conscience and their families, and to the relatives of the "disappeared" or persons extrajudicially executed. Swedish Television and Swedish Radio are highlighting the campaign through news coverage and the broadcast of documentaries. The high point will be the live broadcast of a TV gala on Friday, 23 October, starting at 6:15 p.m. on SVT2. The evening show will feature well-known entertainers, music, theater and meetings with persons who received support from the Amnesty Fund. The Fund, which also provides such support as legal aid and torture rehabilitation, was founded in 1966 by the Swedish entertainment team of Hans Alfredsson and Tage Danielsson. The financial base for this activity was provided by the Hasse & Tage variety show "Oh what a wonderful peace." Throughout 1998, Amnesty is highlighting the 50th anniversary of the ratification of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For millions of people around the world, human rights are still only two empty words. Information about the fund-raising campaign is also available at Amnesty's web site:, under the heading "Ordets makt." Stockholm, 16 September 1998 SVENSKA CELLULOSA AKTIEBOLAGET SCA Corporate Communications For further information, contact Sten Lindholm, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, SCA. Tel: +46 70 512 05 14, or +46 8 788 51 62. Other contact persons: Ingrid Falk, Press Secretary, Amnesty International. Tel: +46 8 729 02 20, or +47 70 433 09 16.