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PRESS RELEASE At SCA's training seminar for forest industry analysts on Wednesday (October 7), which was arranged for the purpose of extending the analysts' knowledge of the European hygiene products market, Alfred Heinzel, president of SCA Hygiene Products, confirmed that in the short-term perspective the market in all material respects is developing in line with assessments made in conjunction with the interim report for the first six months. Moreover, he stated that the volume trend during the second half of the year could weaken compared with the very strong volume trend of 9% which prevailed during the first half year. This assessment is based on SCA's volume trend for the first half year having sharply exceeded the performance reported by the competitors. Material from the seminar can be obtained from SCA Corporate Communications, telephone +46-8-788 5163. Stockholm, 7 October, 1998 SVENSKA CELLULOSA AKTIEBOLAGET SCA (publ) Corporate Communications For further information please contact: Sverker Martin-Löf, CEO, SCA. Telephone. +46 8-788 51 51