New Ro-Ro timetable optimises routes

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The world’s largest kraftliner machine is now in production at SCA´s Obbola Paper Mill. This multi-billion-kronor investment will significantly increase the fossil-free production of kraftliner. SCA Logistics is therefore revising its Ro-Ro timetable and opening up new shipping opportunities during 2023.

Above all, the new timetable means an additional service calling the Umeå terminal. The main reason for this change is SCA’s expanded kraftliner production in Obbola. The decision rests on the growing demand for renewable packaging around Europe, a need that continues to grow in line with increased e-commerce, a growing population and the ambition to reduce the use of plastics. 

Optimised setup

Annual production capacity at the Obbola Paper Mill has increased from 450,000 to 725,000 tonnes of kraftliner and SCA Logistics is responding to the increase in volume with the new Ro-Ro timetable that was introduced in January.  

“The structure of our previous timetable was based on 2016 volumes. Of course, we have made adjustments over the years but now we have truly optimised the setup based on present-day volumes and the development we expect in future,” says Andreas Disby, Forwarding Manager at Vessel Operations, SCA Logistics. 

The changing needs of other customers have also been met and the new timetable ensures sustainable shipping. 

“This Ro-Ro timetable will allow us to perform at our very best and remain on schedule while operating at a steady speed along the entire route. This in turn will result in lower fuel consumption, which has environmental benefits,” says Andreas

Room for more cargo 

The additional weekly service to Umeå will create more cargo space on northbound trips.  

“One new opportunity that presents itself is that we are able to offer more capacity for northbound cargo from Kiel, Germany, all the way up to Umeå,” says Andreas.

Northbound capacity will also increase between Germany and Sundsvall, as well as between Malmö and Umeå/Sundsvall. Northbound, the roue currently delivers goods such as caravans, container goods, new cars and machinery such as excavators and wheel loaders. 

“As we now have two departures from Kiel, we can restructure and offer additional opportunities to ship more goods from Malmö,” says Andreas. 

Positive development 

The new paper machine in Obbola has been in production since October 2022 thanks to a total investment of SEK 7.5 billion. The result is the world’s largest kraftliner machine and new technology that sets a new market standard with its fossil-free process, matching the demands of packaging manufacturers for both sustainable production and optimal product quality. 

The introduction of the new Ro-Ro timetable keeps pace with the gradual increase in deliveries of kraftliner, and SCA Logistics expects the new routes to be fully implemented by the third quarter of 2023. 

Text: Jennie Zetterqvist
Photo: Håkan Sjödin
Illustration: Frosting