Investment to strengthen competitiveness and improve the environment

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SCA invests MSEK 90 in the pulp mill in Östrand. The investment will lead to cost savings but also increase the factory's production capacity. The investment will also improve the local environment by reducing the risk of odour disturbances.

With the new incinerator, Östrand's pulp mill will burn strong gases and the surplus of methanol. The incinerator is in principle independent of the fact that other processes are in operation, which is why the gases can be burned in a stable way even in the event of operational disruptions.

Another major advantage of the incinerator is that it can convert the surplus of certain chemicals in the factory into another type of chemicals that the factory currently procures for the production of CTMP pulp.

The purchasing process has begun and will be completed during the winter. The plan for the incinerator is to be commissioned no later than the second quarter of next year.