Environmental permits ready for land construction in Tunadal

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SCA conducts extensive logistics operations at Tunadal outside Sundsvall. For some time now, an expansion of the port is underway in the form of a new container port. As maritime traffic is expected to increase in the future and larger vessels are expected to call, SCA has also decided to expand the port through land construction.

At the end of January 2022, it became clear that SCA will receive the environmental permits required for the land building, which means that the expansion plans can be realised and construction can start as early as autumn 2022.

"The land building is an important part of the container port project," says Terminal Manager Peter Gyllroth. The ships of the future look set to grow with greater capacity. Therefore, we see the need for more land space for increased cargo handling and the reception of larger project goods such as wind turbines.

During the winter, work is underway on piling in the new quay, a work that involves putting coarse steel pipe piles in place in the seabed. The port is being expanded to accommodate larger vessels with a draught of 15 meters, compared to today's 12 meters.

"The project is running on schedule and now the next phase of the project can start, with planning and start-up of extended land construction," Peter concludes.

Image: Ramböll