SCA´s fleet achieves higher environmental classification

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Now that m/s SCA Ortviken has left the shipyard in Landskrona, SCA’s entire Ro-Ro fleet now achieves the second highest environmental performance level according to the Clean Shipping Index.

SCA’s three Ro-Ro vessels – Ortviken, Östrand and Obbola – have undergone a long list of measures to qualify. Electrical cables have been replaced, the interiors refurbished, the electrical and steering systems inspected and older light fittings have been replaced with energy-efficient LEDs.

The fuel tanks have also been inspected, air vents have been soundproofed and the seals on propeller sleeves and bow thrusters have been upgraded to cope with modern bio-oils.

A number of major environmental measures have also been implemented, including blasting and repainting the hulls with a new hardwearing coating for a smooth, fine and durable surface.

– “A smooth surface reduces water resistance and fuel consumption, making the vessels more energy efficient,” explains Ellenor Nordborg, head of forwarding at SCA Logistics.

Another vital measure has been to prevent the release of any organisms present in ballast water that may constitute invasive species that can damage their new habitat.

–  “To this end, our vessels have been equipped with new ballast systems that clean the water before it is discharged,” says Ellenor Nordborg.

Text: Mats Wigardt