Curved shaped Arcwise® packaging running successfully in Meypack’s machines

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SCA Arcwise and the packaging machine supplier, Meypack, have recently seen the result of a successful collaboration. The goal was to secure that curved shaped Arcwise packaging can be erected and filled in Meypack’s packaging machines.

The co-operation has been very successful and the results show that that Arcwise wrap around packaging can be erected and filled in Meypack’s VP 500 & VP 400 machines, which were once designed for standard square shaped boxes. Recent tests at brand owners show that the Arcwise packaging can be run at same ordinary speed as the conventional square shaped corrugated board packaging.

“This progress opens up a great opportunity for brand owners to make an easy shift from existing wrap around packaging to Arcwise packaging.
As a result, you can both obtain material savings and reduce the C0-2 footprint of up to 30%, which is a significant contribution to brand owners’ ambitious sustainability targets.”
(Rickard Hägglund, Business Operation Manager Arcwise)

“It was great to verify that our VP 500 & VP 400 machines can run both conventional wrap around packaging and the new curved shaped Arcwise packaging at full speed”
(Jens Gesterkamp, Sales Dir. Europe & International Accounts at Meypack)