Take away at Burgersson – an attractive offer when social distancing is urged

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Three years ago Burgersson launched their successful take away packaging solution based on the unique curved shaped Arcwise® material developed by SCA.

 “Now when social distancing is urged by the authorities we see an increase in take away from our restaurants, which makes it important for us to have a packaging solution that represents our brand with quality and exclusivity” (Johan Svensson, part-owner Burgersson).

The special Arcwise packaging solution was developed to enhance the customer’s take away experience and has certainly made the brand Burgersson stand out. The curved shaped packaging is not only unique and attractive, it also preserves the integrity of the food in an excellent way.

 “We have performed extensive tests so the packaging would meet our high standards of keeping the food warm in transport and at the same time keeping the fries crisp and the burger buns from not getting soggy which the Arcwise packaging delivers on in an excellent way”

(Johan Svensson, part-owner Burgersson)

 The packaging is also particularly easy to handle and carry due to the special handles. The handles are also cleverly used to lock several packs on top of each other which means that no plastic bag is needed to carry the burgers home.

 In the development of the packaging application, the Arcwise® material was found to be the only suitable material to withstand the rigidity requirements for the unique curved shaped design. 

Burgersson, located i Gothenburg, is a restaurant chain which is using ecological meat and today they have as many vegetarian burgers as traditional burgers on the menu. https://www.burgersson.com