Temporary customs warehouse improves service

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SCA now has a permit to operate temporary warehouses at our Umeå and Sundsvall terminals where undeclared goods can be stored while awaiting customs clearance. “This will mean smoother handling for customers and that we can offer a better service,” says SCA Logistics Sustainability specialist Peter Eriksson.

Until now, SCA has operated under a general permit for non-approved or non-designated ports when goods are imported through the ports in Umeå and Sundsvall; however, due to a change in the rules by Swedish Customs, SCA has applied for permits for temporary warehousing at these ports.

90-day  limit

Peter sees considerable benefits to the new system, both for customers and SCA.
“We can now unload undeclared cargoes in the ports and store them temporarily. Goods can be held for 90 days before clearing customs,” he explains.
This 90-day grace period will make a considerable difference.
“With a general permit, all goods must be declared for import before calling at port, otherwise we’re not permitted to unload them. For customers, this means less stress and more uniform working methods regardless of which Swedish port the cargo is destined for. It will also be more convenient for us and means that we can offer a better service,” says Peter.

Sneak preview in the spring 

The temporary customs warehouse is not a separate entity; the permit covers the entire terminal. 
“But we do need to be able to specify the locations of undeclared goods and, of course, we need to ensure that we don’t deliver anything that has not cleared customs.”
Before Swedish Customs approved the application, they reviewed SCA’s administration and accounting procedures for the goods. They also looked at the physical layout of the terminals. The area must be inaccessible to unauthorised persons and have a designated area for inspecting goods. “We will start trialling the new working method in the spring before we will switch completely,” concludes Peter.

Text: Kerstin Olofsson
Photo: Bergslagsbild AB