Sawdust, wood shavings and other by-products are now made into solid biofuel. Our goal is to create new, profitable business based on assets within SCA. Our primary focus is to increase the value of residual products from the forest and industries.

Open innovation – meaning cooperation with external parties – constitutes an important part of our innovation efforts. This is a resource-efficient way of delivering increased customer and consumer value.


Petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and chemicals that are currently produced using oil, may in the future be manufactured from forest and forest industry by-products. Östrand is one potential location for a future biorefinery. Read more about the project here.

Biorefinery project

Project wind power

Within Renewable Energy, we develop SCA’s wind power assets and pursue SCA’s expanding involvement in wind energy. Together with our partners, we have helped to realize some of Sweden’s largest wind power ventures. Read more about the projects here.

Project Wind power