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Our new Kraftliner machine at the Obbola mill is the largest and most advanced in the world. We are also in the forefront of going green.

Not only because it helps meet the growing global demand for sustainable and renewable packaging, now and in the future. But also because we have invested in industrial processes fueled by renewable biomass from our forests. Instead of fossil oil-fired lime kilns, we’ve invested in kilns fueled by wood pellets from our sawmills.

All this on top of the sustainability that SCA and SCA Kraftliner have long stood for. With unique access to the strong fresh fibres from the northern Swedish forests, we have ensured a sustainable, FSC and PEFC-certified resource for the future production of SCA Kraftliner. In just over seventy years, the standing volume of SCA’s forests has increased by 50%. Because, for every tree harvested, at least two are planted in return.

We couldn’t do this without you. By choosing SCA, you help us preserve and protect the forest so that biodiversity can thrive.

Now, thanks to our sustainable investments, our carbon footprint will reach an all-time low. By using biofuel to make our renewable products, oil and coal remain underground where they belong, benefiting society as a whole and, of course, the planet.

Explore SCA’s commitment to sustainability here.

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