Innovation driven by you

Others may be standing still, but we’re always searching for new ways to move forward.Which is why we work so closely with leading universities and educational institutions around the world.
It's all part of our innovation-based business culture.


Of course, we know that innovative, high-quality products are only useful if they serve a real need. That's why our R&D is guided by you. Every investment, from new materials and product features to our logistics services and sustainability efforts, is the result of listening to and talking with our customers.


And we're always striving to get from idea to launch as quickly as possible to help you gain a competitive edge.


Our greatest R&D assets are the people working here and their high level of competence. We strive every day to increase the speed of innovation, and have a number of labs where we develop prototypes and analyse product performance. This, together with our state-of-the-art equipment, creates the ideal environment to get innovation flowing.


SCA Kraftliner White Top

To most people, an innovation is something that is radically new and different. But an equally powerful kind of innovation is the gradual, incremental improvement of an existing idea. Our Kraftliner White Top is a great example. Over the years, we’ve continually strived to make our flagship containerboard even better.

Important milestones include:

2003: Press section rebuild. We achieved very low moisture variation to improve corrugator runnability and create an exceptionally smooth surface with superb print results.

2006: Introduction of wrapping. This development created an effective moisture barrier to achieve excellent start-up of every new reel.

2013: Paper machine rebuild. This investment improved containerboard formation and achieved a cleaner sheet for world-class prints and runnability, in addition to widening our product range.

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SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength 250

Our customers in the fruit-and-vegetables segment told us they needed a lower grammage containerboard that was robust enough to stand up to humidity and cyclical climates.


So we developed SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength 250, with just the right balance of strength and cost-effectiveness. While meeting the grammage requirements of a true Kraftliner, it’s still lighter than others in the wet-strength category.


The durability of this Kraftliner reduces the risk of the box’s collapsing and the risk of spillage and waste in the supply chain. It could also remove a step from the production process by eliminating the need to wax liners

Learn more about SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength here.

Smart Box

This innovative digital tool removes the headaches from your design process, such as extra material costs, time spent trialling sub-optimal designs, inaccurate designs and costly mistakes. SCA Smart Box is a clever simulator that lets you quickly and easily trial designs without the risk.

Corrugated Process Stability

Uneven flutes, warp, blistering and cockling are just some of the things that can go wrong in the corrugated process. To diagnose and prevent these issues, operators have to understand where and why they occur. This is the reason we’ve added a new, in-depth educational course called Corrugated Process Stability to the “Fibre to Box” portion of the SCA Training Programme. It’s a comprehensive look at the underlying principles and different components of the corrugation process, as well as the factors that cause problems. It’s all part of our ongoing efforts to ensure our customers have every competitive advantage.

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