The value chain

1. Arcwise® packaging are designed in conventional

2. Arcwise® material is produced in existing corrugated board machines

3. Arcwise® material is shipped flat which assures efficient logistics

4. Arcwise® packaging is erected and filled in existing filling machines*

5. Arcwise® packaging stands out on the shelf at the retailer

*Automatic erecting and filling of Arcwise ® packaging works well for a number of packaging applications (e.g. trays and wrap around packaging). Depending on machines, none or some adjustments need to be made. Brand owners or fillers can buy Arcwise® packages from certified box
manufacturers that have a license agreement.

Customer Quote



A great thing about Arcwise® is that we can introduce a breakthrough packaging design without specific investment costs and since the material can be manufactured on a conventional corrugator we see that sourcing is not an issue”.

Niclas Nilsson
CEO, VASA Brewery