Valuable raw material and a rich nature

SCA owns 2.6 million hectares forests in northern Sweden. We have a long tradition of managing the forest and supply our industries with valuable and renewable raw material. With a long-lasting and effective value chain in world class, we use the whole tree and refine the forest into sustainable solutions and products to people all over the world.

Forest in figures 2018

Forest holdings 2.6 million hectares
Productive forest land 2.0 million hectares
Forest volume 36% spruce
40% pine
15% deciduous
9% Pinus Contorta
Annual harvest volume SCA's own forests 4.3 million cu. m 
Annual harvest volume from private forest owners 2.6  million cu. m 
Annual harvest SCA´s own forest 19,000 hectares
Thinning SCA’s own forest 10,000 hectares
Silviculture acreage 55, 486 hectares
Seedlings deliveries to SCA’s own forest 36.2 millions
Seedlings deliveries to private forest owners  45.4 millions
Skog med snötäckta träd på vintern, Forest with trees covered in snow during winter. Vi har rättigheter tom 20191231
Skog på vintern, forest during winter

News from SCA's forests

News from SCA's forests

Work starts on producing 100 million seedlings

This year’s sowing season has started at

SCA’s seedling operation, NorrPlant. A total of 100 million seeds will be planted this year, and SCA’s seedlings account for approximately a quarter of all seedlings grown in Sweden.

Unblocked stream bed enables life to flourish in watercourse

SCA has carried out excavation work on the

Toskbäcken stream in Lycksele to open up a blocked section of the watercourse. The restoration of the stream’s natural route will benefit biological life and create habitats for different species.

Unused land can give the forest new life

SLU researcher Mats Dynesius believes pine

forests on non-productive land – that is, land with very slow growth that is therefore not put to use – could be a sanctuary for disadvantaged forest species. With SCA’s help, he is re-creating living environments with dead and damaged pines and studying what benefits they can provide for various beetles. “There are unutilized opportunities for nature conservation on non-productive land,” Mats says.

SCA's forest in the Baltics

During 2019, SCA acquired forest and land assets in the Baltics.

The acquisition in Latvia consist of a total of 19,600 hectares. The assets comprise 16,100 hectares of productive forest land. Our holdings are mainly located on the Northern/North-Eastern region of Latvia. The standing timber volume amounts to 1,9 million cubic metres. The assets consist mainly of self-rejuvenated forests. This means there are more deciduous than we normally have in our Swedish forests, but there are also great spruce stands. 

The acquisition in Estonia consist of a total of 10,300  hectares  located on the two islands Hiiumaa and Saaremaa. The forest assets consist of 8,800 hectares of this land is forest land with a standing volume of 1,300,000 cubic metres. The forest consist mainly of pine, but also some birch.

Our raw material

Tallstammar i skogen, Pine stems in the forest

SCA’s production facilities used 9.6 million cubic meters of wood raw material in 2018. Almost all of the raw material flow (more than 93%) was from Sweden. The remaining raw material was from Finland, Norway and the Baltic States (6%), and from Poland, Scotland and Spain (1%).

The main part consist of:
Spruce (Picea abies) 
Pine (Pinus sylvestris) 

A minor part consist of:
Alder (Alnus spp.)
Aspen (Populus tremula)   
Birch (Betula spp.) 
Contorta pine (Pinus contorta)
Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)                   
Monterey pine (Pinus radiate)                   
Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis)               


Skog med tjärn, forest with small lake

Our environmental work

Learn more about how we work with nature consideration in the forest, certified forestry, ecological landscape planning and more. In our map you can see SCA’s entire land holdings in Sweden, including forest voluntarily set aside - and discover your own forest gems.

Responsible forestry Discovering the gems in our forests

Responsible forestry
Our environmental work
Our environmental work

Well-managed forests burn less often than old-growth forests

Today's forests do not burn as often. That is because we fight the fires effectively and the forest structure and care makes it not as inflammable.

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Forest fires
Orre i skogenBlack grouse in the forest

Welcome to our forest

Everyone is welcome to our forests. Come and hike, pick berries and mushrooms or simply enjoy the calm atmosphere of the forest. Feel free to visit one of our five conservation parks.

Welcome to our forest