Changes in SCA's reporting structure

  • Regulatory press release

As a result of the ongoing divestment of the packaging operations, excluding the kraftliner operations in Sweden, certain changes will be made in reporting starting with the first quarter of 2012, with retroactive adjustment of comparative periods in 2011 and 2010.

The changes are as follows:

Profit for the period with respect to the packaging operations that are currently being divested will be reported up until the completion of the sale only on one line in SCA's earnings report – Profit from disposal group held for sale. This profit item is not included in operating profit and thereby only affects net profit for the period.

Cash flow attributable to the packaging operations that are currently being divested is indicated separately. These assets were indicated separately on the balance sheet already at the end of 2011.

Starting with the first quarter of 2012, the kraftliner operations, i.e., the two kraftliner mills in Munksund and Obbola that SCA is keeping, have been transferred to the Forest Products business area.

All product groups in the Forest Products business area, including kraftliner, will be reported together as a total for the business area.

With these changes, starting with the first quarter of 2012 SCA will have three business areas: Personal Care, Tissue and Forest Products.

Stockholm, Sweden 12 April 2012

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NB: This information is such that SCA must disclose in accordance with the Securities Markets Act. The information was submitted for publication on April 12, 2012, at 13.45 CET.