SCA’s Christmas gifts to Maskrosbarn, Ukraine and support in the Baltics

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SCA’s Christmas gift to the company’s employees in 2023 was a donation of 1.5 MSEK to five recipients.

All employees got the chance to prioritize one of five organizations through a vote on the company's intranet. For the 2023 Christmas gift, the following organizations were eligible:

  • Maskrosbarn, Sweden
  • Star of Hope, in support of Ukraine
  • Foundation Livslust in Latvia
  • SOS children´s Villages in Estonia
  • SOS children´s Villages in Lithuania

After counting the employees' votes, the result were that Maskrosbarn will receive SEK 520 000, Star of Hope SEK 355,000, SOS children´s Village in Estonia SEK 208,000, Foundation Livslust in Latvia SEK 208,500 and, SOS children´s Village in Lithuania SEK 208 500,000.

The donations are being transferred to the five organizations together with a warm greeting from SCA’s employees.

For further information, please contact: Anders Edholm, Senior Vice President, Group Communications, +46 60 19 32 12

Photo: Tommy Andersson