SCA involved a remote-controlled soil scarification machine

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SCA is involved in a development project aimed at a remote-controlled soil scarification machine. Skogforsk leads the project and is responsible for the work in the testing environment, while SCA acts as the landowner and contributes with a base machine.

Skogforsk, the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, has been working on remote control and automation of forestry machines for many years. So far, the work has been focused on a forwarder, but now a soil scarification machine will also be tested. The goal is to bring the technology of remote-controlled forestry machines closer to practical application.

"SCA is involved in several development projects concerning forestry machines, and remote control is something we find particularly interesting. We have good experiences from the collaboration project with a remote-controlled timber loader at our timber terminal in Torsboda and are eager to participate in the work with a remote-controlled soil scarification. We contribute with a machine and land for test runs, while Bracke Forest provides the soil scarification attachment," says Magnus Bergman, Manager of Technology and Digitalization at SCA Skog.

Better working environment

Another reason why remote-controlled soil scarification machines are of interest is that soil scarification operators are exposed to harmful whole-body vibrations to a greater extent than other forestry machine operators.

"We could create a better working environment and avoid vibrations if the machines could be remotely controlled from a separate operator station," emphasizes Magnus.

The remote-controlled soil scarification machine is gradually being developed during the spring to be tested on a clearcut on SCA land after the summer. The machine will then be operated by drivers from an operator station near the clearcut area.