SCA's Ulf Larsson receives prestigious award

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SCA's President and CEO, Ulf Larsson, has been awarded Fastmarkets Forest Products' prestigious "European CEO of the Year" 2023 award.

In the motivation, a number of factors are highlighted in which the jury considers SCA to stand out in a positive way.

“It is with pride that I can say that 2022 was a very good year for the company. We delivered our best financial result and the whole team contributed to us completing large investment projects ahead of schedule,” says Ulf Larsson.

Fastmarkets Forest Products, the leading information provider for the global forest industry, has announced that Ulf Larsson, President and CEO of SCA, has been named European CEO of the Year 2023. The award will be presented at the European conference that Fastmarkets Forest Products is organizing for the 25th time, this time in Prague on March 8. In the motivation for the award, Fastmarkets Forest Products highlights what it describes as “successful delivery of strategy and strong financial results since 2018” and points individually to a number of factors that it considers to have been particularly positive:

  • That SCA left the shrinking graphic paper sector in a good way.
  • That SCA has delivered on large projects, for example the CTMP expansion at Ortviken's pulp mill and the development of a fossil-free manufacturing process for kraftliner.
  • EBITDA over SEK 10 billion in the entire operation in 2022.
  • That SCA's large investment at Obbola, with a total capacity of 725,000 tons of annual production of power liners, could be completed ahead of schedul

Fastmarket Forest Products also points out that SCA, through the company's integrated business model, excels in a positive way when it comes to the ability to handle inflation.

“If you look in the rearview mirror, the company has had a very satisfying journey that gives us a good starting position to deliver also in the future. A key factor is our systematic work with the forest at our core and to strive to create maximum value in our integrated and well-invested value chain. This is how we can continue to develop our sustainable forestry with efficient industries that provide the world with climate-smart renewable materials and products. This in a time where the pressure to phase out fossil products increases every year,” says Ulf Larsson.

Photo: Kristofer Lönnå