SCA Arena in Timrå to open soon

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SCA sponsors more than 100 community associations in Norrland. This is our way of contributing to meaningful leisure activities for children and young people and to a richer life for those who live in the region. In November, SCA signalled its deepening commitment to ice hockey club Timrå IK with a sponsorship deal that will see, among other things, Timrå IK’s home venue being renamed the SCA Arena. “This deal is based on our aim to continue to support the important social sustainability work that Timrå IK does,” says SCA CEO Ulf Larsson.

Sustainability and a long-term approach characterise all SCA’s operations. This applies to everything from our forestry activities to the choice of our collaboration partners and sponsorship commitments. 
“We want our sponsorships to promote sustainable social development in the areas where we operate. By collaborating with various associations, we contribute to vibrant local communities, where people thrive and have rewarding leisure time,” says Larsson. 

From skating lessons to elite level 

Timrå IK is one of the clubs that SCA has been working with for a number of years. 
“This club has great values. Among other things, they run a wide variety of activities for children and young people and work with social sustainability work with their Teamsters project,” says Larsson. 
SCA’s sponsorship extends to all Timrå IK’s activities. In addition to Teamsters, it provides support for everything from skating lessons at which the very youngest children take to the ice for the first time, to the elite team that plays in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). 
“We generally sponsor activities for children and young people, but elite activities also have value. Elite teams increase the attractiveness for the region. Many of our employees and many others who live here appreciate being able to go and watch matches at a high level. The elite teams also create role models, dreams and motivation for our young people, encouraging more people to exercise and discover the joy of doing so,” says Larsson. 
The new deal that will see, among other things, Timrå IK’s home venue being renamed the SCA Arena, starts this season and will run for five years. 

Important role models

Timrå IK’s slogan is “More than just an ice hockey club”.  
“Our focus is as much off the hockey rink as on it. Teamsters is an important part of that and is all about inclusion and social sustainability. We’re role models for children and young people, and we want to give them the right opportunities in terms of values and physical activity,” says Jennie Hjorth, Teamsters Operations Manager. 
Teamsters work on many different levels, including collaborating with schools, providing knowledge about alcohol and drug abuse and organising safety walks in collaboration with the local municipality. It also provides skating equipment on free loan to anyone who wants to attend the skating school, so that as many people as possible can participate. 
“We also have a collaboration with the Lekterapin programme at Sundsvall Hospital. We have two major meetings, one before Christmas where we organise Christmas craft events and Christmas present giving at the hospital together with the children; and a meeting in the spring at which Lekterapin holds a major event at which we participate and contribute together with other associations in the region,” says Hjorth.

Lekterapi. Photo: Timrå IK

A café where all are welcome

Another important part of the club is the Anton Landers Café, named after one of Timrå IK’s star players. Children and young people can come here in the afternoons and evenings to get help with homework, hang out with friends, play games and relax. 
“Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to play hockey or be a club member, the café’s open to everyone. We’ve created a cosy environment so that it feels like coming home to your living room, and there’s always an adult to talk to,” says Hjorth, who continues: 
“It’s a safe place that fulfils an important function for many young people, and it gives us a really good platform for working with values and how we behave towards each other.” 
Values are at the heart of Teamsters. It’s about being a good friend who listens to others, and is listened to. Another important issue for Teamsters is to help more children and young people find the joy in physical activity. 
“It doesn’t matter if it’s hockey or another activity. The main thing is that more people exercise and have fun, so we participate and organise activities around other sports as well,” Hjorth says. 

Proud partner 

SCA decided to expand its involvement with Timrå IK due to its great commitment to society and focus on social sustainability. 
“They are truly a partner that we are proud to collaborate with. They really make a difference for lots of children and young people,” says Larsson.

Photo: Olle Melkerhed and Timrå IK