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Ask someone what a fax is and you may well receive a quizzical look. Hand someone a printout, and you are likely to provoke a shake of the head. Today, computers, tablets and smartphones dominate our lives. Everything must be available at all times, everywhere, with a few simple clicks. In other words, if you want to keep up, you have no choice but to change with the times, something that SCA Wood has long understood and that SCA Wood Scandinavia has now done to the full.

"WHILE DIGITISATION is nothing new to either us or our customers, it may be fair to say that we in the wood industry may have lagged slightly behind. We have now made a sizable digital investment to further future-proof our SCA SmartTimber concept,” says SCA Wood’s president of marketing and sales, Markus Henningsson.

Everything that may be needed to facilitate work and business is now structured in a single user-friendly platform: images, marketing texts, article data, certificates and documents.

“Our customers have a wealth of experience of digital product information and it feels great to finally have the conditions in place to provide them with it in a simple, modern way,” says Joakim Nehrer, marketing manager at SCA Wood Scandinavia.

Thanks to the new system, the sales force at SCA Wood Scandinavia now not only enjoys greater order when it comes to internal information, but they also have the ability to quickly and easily tailor product information to the needs of their respective customers and external channels. 

The customer can also create its own product catalogue based on its specific needs and the products it buys, something that should hopefully create added value for all concerned.

“While we haven’t actually received any new information, as everything is now in the same system and can be quickly and easily retrieved wherever we are, it feels as if our information resources have doubled,” enthuses Malin Norin, internal salesperson at SCA Wood Scandinavia.

“One of the most important elements of this particular digital initiative is definitely the webshop-like tool that we have now developed to maximise customer benefit. Just like any other online shop, our customers will now be able to navigate around our products themselves,check those they are interested in and quickly download information material to use in their own sales and marketing.