Contractor within forestry planning

Are you crazy about forests like us? SCA is expanding its operations and now we are looking for you who have your own company or who intend to start your own within forest planning. The future grows in the forest - take the chance and develop together with us!

Your new challenge

The planning assignment means that you carry out traktplanering on SCA's own forest and on purchased felling rights from the deals we do with private forest owners. The planning work includes the delimitation of areas including driving conditions, consideration of nature, ancient and cultural remains and taxation.

Who are you?

We are looking for you who enjoy spending a large part of your working time in forests and land and would like to see that you are active in forestry or have previous experience in the industry. As a person, you are flexible, goal-oriented and like to cooperate with others.

Want to know more?

For further information, or if you are interested in the assignment, please contact our group managers for  site plans:

Adam Lundström, group manager site plans for Piteå, Jokkmokk, Överkalix, Skellefteå and Norsjö and surroundings. Tel 0920-259937,

Jakob Hellstrand, group manager site plans for Umeå, Lycksele and Vilhelmina and surroundings.
Tel 0942-33905,

Malin Olofsson, group manager site plans for Strömsund, Ramsele and Backe and surroundings.
Tel 0670-16805,

Andreas Kårén, group manager site plans for Sollefteå, Kramfors och Hammarstrand and surroundings. Tel 0620-25736,

Fredrik Ekedahl, group manager site plans for Östersund, Svenstavik and Stugun and surroundings,
Tel 0631-50508,

Cecilia Andersson, group manager site plans for Gällö, Ånge, Kälarne and surroundings.
Tel 060-193469,

David Sörman, group manager site plans for Sundsvall, Liden, Stöde, Ljusdal and Hudiksvall and surroundings. Tel 060-193436,