Our conservation parks are areas distinguished by a higher degree of diversity than the forest landscape in general. With the park, we are continuing our efforts to develop forestry and ensure even greater resilience and sustainability from all perspectives.

We have five conservation parks, one in each of our five forest districts. The parks are large sections of the landscape measuring several hundred of hectares in size, where at least half of the area is entirely excluded or managed in a manner that benefits nature or cultural values. In our conservation parks, the aim is to use a diverse range of measures and management methods to strengthen the existing values or create new ones.

Consideration of nature and cultural values comprises an integral part of all of the various actions carried out as part of our forest management activities. Consideration can take on many different shapes, from saving a single tree to setting aside large areas of forest or the prescribed burning of forests.

One of the ideas behind SCA's conservation parks is to strengthen existing conservation values. Several of our conservation parks achieve this aim by, for example, linking to nature reserves.

The hope is that the parks will provide visitors with interesting experiences and SCA with know-how that it can deploy in its operations outside the parks.

Our parks

  • Peltovaara in Norrbotten
  • Tjäderberget in Västerbotten
  • Sörgraninge in Ångermanland
  • Njurundakusten in Medelpad
  • Märingsberget in Jämtland